Frequently asked questions about our kiteboarding lessons.

  1. How long are your lessons?

We teach the 123 combo lesson in in 4 hours.  One morning or afternoon.


2.Will the student be able to kiteboard on my own after this lesson?

YYYYEEEESSSS.  NCK provides you with all the knowledge, safety and skills to go out on your own safely and confidently on your own.


  1. How many students per lesson?

Maximum two students per instructor with the option of solo lessons available.


  1. Does NCK supply all the gear?

Yes we supply all the gear.  If you don’t have a wetsuit, depending on size we have wetsuit rentals.


  1. Can NCK help us to select kiteboarding gear?

Yes, we ask you a few questions to narrow do the vast selection of gear.  Based on your height, weight and answers, we direct you to the gear and the shops in your area.


  1. When does NCK teach kiteboarding lessons?

May thru October


  1. Where does NCK teach?

Collingwood, Wasaga Beach and Suable Beach


  1. What should students bring?

It is recommended to bring suntan lotion, running shoes and swimwear for all Lessons.


  1. What payment method does NCK accept?

If you are paying with credit card, we accept payements thru Paypal.  We can do the transaction at time of lesson.

We also accept cash.


  1. When is my lesson?

Once you have signed up on the form to the left, you are automatically placed in the kiteboarding lesson schedule.   NCK will send you an email on the next available lesson date (windy day), the first student to respond to email, gets the lesson.


To book your kiteboarding lesson, fill out the form on the left.

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